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The Stargate M is the most economic night vision device in the world. Patented lever activated power supply replaces sensitive electronics, and eliminates the need of expensive batteries. This device is ideal for camping, hiking and all outdoor activities, when you don’t want to depend on batteries. The fast lens coupled with a good image intensifier provides a sharp image, which is as good as from twice more expensive devices.

• View: Monocular
• Patented lever activated power supply
• Affordable night vision
• No batteries required
• Compact size
• Strong metal body
• High quality intensifier
• Powerful built-in IR illuminator for total darkness ability
• Manual focus
• Adjustable eyepiece and objective
• Fast lens system
• Warranty: 2 years

• Intensifier tube: Generation 1+
• Magnification: 2x
• Objective lens diameter: 35 mm
• Resolution: 25 lp/mm
• Field of view: 20°
• Range of focus: 1 m - infinity
• Dioptre adjustment: ±4
• Power supply: No batteries required
• Dimensions: 137x87x43 mm
• Weight: 0.470 kg

Included Accessories
• Soft carrying case
• Instruction manual
• IR illuminator (needs 1x3 V lithium battery CR123A)